Afyon Kocatepe University, being founded on July 3, 1992, started its educational activities on November, 10, 1992 in Afyonkarahisar, a province in western Turkey. The history of university goes back to 1974 with Afyonkarahisar Finance and Accounting School, a branch of Eskişehir Economics and Trading Sciences Academy. Since then, the university has more than 150.000 graduates.

Number of Faculties                          : 12

Number of Schools                            : 5

Nomber of Institutes                          : 5

Number of Research Center             : 37

State Conservatory                            : 1

Vocational Schools                             : 14

Number of Students

Associate Degree                               : 11.094

Undergraduate                                  : 23.310

Graduate                                            : 3.059

Male-Female Ratio                            : %55-%45

Number of Staff

Academic Staff                                  : 1.020

Faculty Member                                : 470

Lecturer                                             : 330

Research Assistant                             : 220

Administrative Staff                           : 860

It is believed in our university that a modern university consists of not only a good education, but also social events and our university is leading in this direction. During the academic year seminars, symposiums, conferences, panels, and workshops are organised.

Our university supports social, cultural and sports events which are formed by student clubs. Every year in May, a traditional science, culture, art and sports festival is organized. A big excitement is experienced during the fair, seminars, sport tournaments, concerts and the other shows.

In our university it is aimed to bring up versatile individuals and culture and art facilities are emphasized. Atatürk Congress Center, Rıza Çerçel Culture Center and the halls in our academic units are used for such activities. Our halls have the capacity and equipment to respond to all kinds of cultural and artistic activities for our students and academic staff. Our students are also able to watch the films that are shown in the cinema halls in Afyonkarahisar.

There are also sports facilities on all campuses that enable our students to play sports, and young athletes can play sports in the teams formed. Our students can make sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tenis, table tenis, athletics, gymnastics, mountain climbing, wrestling etc. They can join the teams and tournaments.