Universities participating in UI GreenMetric by submitting data to be included in the assessment can benefit from many free of charge opportunities. These include internationalization and recognition, awareness raising on sustainability issues, social change and action and networking. Participation is free.

a. Internationalization and Recognition

Joining UI GreenMetric helps universities strive for internationalization and recognition by ensuring visibility of sustainability efforts on the global map. Participation in the UI GreenMetric enables university visits to be more frequent, other universities mention more about sustainability on other websites, and the institutions interested in your university contact you more often.

b. Raising Awareness on Sustainability Issues

Participation raises awareness of the importance of sustainability issues in and around the university. World; It faces unprecedented global problems such as population growth, global warming, overuse of natural resources, oil-dependent energy, water and food scarcity and sustainability. Being aware of the importance of higher education in coping with these problems, UI GreenMetric emphasizes the important role that higher education institutions can play by making evaluations and comparisons on sustainable development, sustainability research, greening of campuses and social support.

c. Social Change and Activity

The UI GreenMetric is primarily intended to raise awareness, but will be adapted to promote real change in the future. The transformation of understanding into action is crucial if we have to deal with global problems.

d. Networking

All participants of UI GreenMetric automatically become a member of the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings Network (UIGWURN). In this network, participants can share good practices in sustainability programs or participate in networking with other participants by participating in the UI GreenMetric International Workshop and regional / national workshops organized by host universities. Participants can also organize UI GreenMetric technical workshops at their universities.

As a platform that transforms sustainability issues into action, the network is managed by the UI GreenMetric as a secretariat. Programs and plans are proposed and decided by the board of directors of regional and national coordinators and the UI GreenMetric secretariat, regional and national coordinators.

The dynamic and comprehensive network currently comprises 619 participating universities, 1,693,974 faculty members and 21,499,456 students in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, America and Oceania. It has more than US $ 9,906,897,311.27 of research funding dedicated to environment and sustainability.