UI GreenMetric World Universities Ranking

The University of Indonesia (UI) launched a world ranking of universities in 2010, which evaluates the sustainability efforts on campuses, later renamed the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings. The ranking created an online survey to profile the sustainability programs and policies of universities around the world.

The ranking is generally based on the concepts of “environment, economy and equality”. Ranking indicators and categories are organized to be associated with each university. The indicators and weights are organized to be as biased as possible.

95 universities from 35 countries, 18 from the United States, 35 from Europe, 40 from Asia and 2 from Australia have participated in the 2010 version of GreenMetric. In 2017, the ranking evaluated 619 universities from 76 countries around the world. This shows that GreenMetric is the first and only global ranking in the field of sustainability.

This year’s theme is “Universities, Impacts and Sustainable Development Goals”. The ranking focuses on the efforts of universities to work with partners on sustainability issues. The details of the partnerships of universities to improve sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals on campuses are examined.